Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, the African Studies Gallery strives to stimulate critical thinking and to challenge viewers conventional understanding of Africa as a cultural entity. Through exhibitions and cultural events we seek to mediate African art to the general public, hoping to access the continent's rich and divers heritages. Due to COVID-19, the Gallery is closed until further notice. We hope to see you again soon and in good health!

Due to COVID-19, the African Studies Gallery is closed until further notice

January - August, 2020

Michel Kameni - Chez Cameruon Studio

Michel Kameni’s work, poetic and filled with tenderness, has an immense documentary strength. It tells us about Cameroon’s golden age, a period of transition in the wake of the new independence of many African countries. In his images, we can see the dreams aroused by Western fashion, the musical influences that have always inhabited the studio, еnergy and hope. Chez Cameroun Studio presents, for the first time in its entirety, the magnitude of Kameni' oeuvre at the African Studies Gallery.

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